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We believe in empowering individuals to make lasting changes by providing quality nutrition counseling and lifestyle education. Lifestyle changes are no longer "just" a prevention strategy, but a first-line treatment for many diseases of modern life.

Healing often requires a multifaceted treatment approach. That's why our lifestyle educators are trained in FirstLineTherapy, a comprehensive program that addresses three pillars of long-term health: healthy eating, healthy living, and physical activity. Patients receive structured, professional supervision that helps them:

  • Establish realistic, personalized health goals.

  • Monitor progress and stay on track.

  • Learn how to eat and shop for nutritious foods.

  • Manage food cravings and eat mindfully.

  • Find an enjoyable way to exercise.

  • Implement strategies to reduce stress.

We believe that when it comes to patients, one size does not fit all. We're proud to offer innovative, high quality nutritional supplements along with customizable food plans to meet your individual health needs. Patients receive individual nutrition counseling and support for their prescribed food plan:

  • Auto-Immune / Anti-Inflammatory Food Plan

  • Cardiometabolic Food Plan

  • Detox Food Plan (Elimination Diet)

  • General Wellness Food Plan

  • High-Protein / High Phytonutrient Food Plan

  • Ketogenic Food Plan

  • Neurological Food Plan

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