Judy Butler, CNC

Judy Butler is a Clinical Nutritionist and Integrative Health Coach practicing in Orange County, CA. After graduating from Cal State Long Beach University and serving in the Peace Corps, Judy later discovered her deep passion for health and nutrition. She attended the Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas and received her credentials as a Clinical Nutritionist and Master Herbalist. Judy was able to apply her technical training of food and medicine within her practice, but it wasn’t until she graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Health Coach where she found her calling by learning how to coach people to believe in themselves and reach their true potential.   

Judy works alongside medical professionals and together create bio individual wellness programs that focus on lifestyle factors in the treatment and reversal of diseases. These comprehensive programs known as Functional Lifestyle Therapy (FLT), allow Judy to work one on one with patients and their partners to address their specific and personalized goals and interests for weight loss, IBS/gut restoration, autoimmune prevention and management, fertility, cardiovascular health, and stress management. Judy thrives on co-creating a treatment plan with the patient to incorporate sustainable changes at his/her own pace, in hopes to make this an easy and seamless process.


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