These events are all offered on Joseph Lamb, MD as Facebook Live events. Times are noted below. Prior presentations are archived on Facebook.

  • Our LUNCH and LEARN series is ongoing and meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at 12 Noon Pacific Time. Topics covered include “What is Functional Medicine, and Why You Need It?’ and “An Introduction to Your Genes, Epigenetics and Nutrition”. Upcoming topics include “Revisioning Your Story (or “Changing Your Behavior”) and “Blood Sugar Imbalance: The Quiet Killer”. 

  • Join Dr. Lamb, Dr. Michael Stone and their guests for a MONDAY AFTERNOON COFFEE BREAK each Monday (except Holidays) at 4 PM Pacific Time. Their informal conversations cover a broad range of topics including “Coping with COVID-19”, news worthy new medical reports. Look for their series on “Compassion and Hate” airing September 21st through October 5th. 

  • We offer three repeating series of talks on WOMEN’S HEALTH, CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH AND GUT HEALTH. These series run for 5 weeks and our next group will kick off beginning October 15th!  

Question:  Have you gained the COVID 19?

If yes, the Answer: Healthy Transformation

Despite COVID-19 and indeed because of the many who have expressed their concerns about the 19 pounds they may have gained with changes in lifestyle as we adjust to living our new normal, we are going to again offer our Healthy Transformation Group Medical Visits beginning April 28, 2021.

Our 8-session series will meet on Wednesdays, at 4 PM, in the PLMC waiting room. Each visit will include a brief medical visit with Dr. Lamb and a 60-minute experiential educational group to encourage a healthy weight and a healthier relationship with our bodies and our food.

Our research-proven curriculum provides education on the causes of insulin resistance and weight gain, detoxification (metabolic transformation), epigenetics and the microbiome while utilizing personalized and effective food plans, exercise, supplements and cognitive-behavioral techniques. The groups are led by Dr. Lamb, a recognized leader in Functional Medicine care, research and education. We honor every individual’s experience of the process as we share a supportive group environment. 

If you are interested in joining our group or have interested family and friends:

  • For established patients, please keep your scheduled visits with Dr. Lamb. We will also schedule you for two visits outside of group with Chelsea Moore, CN for individual nutritional counseling.  


  • For new patients, please schedule a new patient visit with Dr. Lamb and two visits outside of group with Chelsea Moore, CN for individual nutritional counseling.


To schedule, please call Brianne Simon, CMA to set up your appointments at (253) 853-7233.
Be sure to mention that you are interested in this series, in order to reserve your spot. We are capping the class at 5 participants so we can respect social distancing. Please RSVP as soon as you are able.